The Shopping Malls EP

by Slow Faction

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released August 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Slow Faction London, UK

“Slow Faction is a 1st generation-influenced punk band with a real London 77 sound. The aim of Slow Faction is simple – to make the music they want to hear; politically-charged songs with big hooks and choruses, reminiscent of the 1st wave of British punk. Slow Faction’s live sound has been described as a cross between The Clash and The Buzzcocks.” ... more

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Track Name: Shopping Malls & Suburbia
Shopping Malls & Suburbia
Downtown in the city of dreams
Your personal paradise
Or is it hell, so tantalising
You’ll never feel satisfied
Blinded by the lights
Consumption takes the place of feeling
The only values now are empty and devoid of meaning

You’re boring me with your mundane lives – so predictable
Just shopping malls and suburbia – so predictable
Evil happens while the stupid just sit by
That’s you if you hadn’t noticed
Will you never decide which side you’re on....oh no.....

You deny society
In your disinfected life
Privileged since the day you were born
Susceptible to their lies
Sleepwalking to a right wing future
Going to take us nowhere
All you care about is what you want and how you get it
And all the time....the storm clouds are gathering...
We’re heading for oblivion
Track Name: Clear Channel
Clear Channel

Got a licence for syndication
Pump it out, there’s poison in the air
55 hundred local stations
Top 40 under central diktat
The taming of a supine nation
No time to think, you’re doing just what you’re told
A disenfranchised population
Segregated by the values they once held
And now they’re trying to make you think the same
So wave goodbye to your plurality, your civil liberties
Your democracy is dead

Clear channel fascist redneck radio
Clear channel fascist redneck radio
Clear channel fascist redneck radio
Trivialise....broadcasting lies....lowest common denominator
Mind control for the blinkered masses
Clear channel fascist redneck radio....alright...

A noble culture of toleration
Now consigned to the values of the past
What hope now for a generation?
Brought up to hate anyone that’s different
What’s the point in dissemination?
Can’t you see, it’s easier just to lie
Direct action and demonstrations
Lone voices in the wilderness
Track Name: Hate Mail
Hate Mail
Little missy sitting pretty, waiting for the tube
Her mind’s no wider than her alice band, she’s never seen the other side
At public school she learned the rules on how to have it all
And then at university, no need to think, just have a ball
She reads her morning paper, it’s her window on the world
She only skims the headlines but that’s still enough to poison minds
Everything she thinks she knows, confirmed in black and white
God is in his heaven and the leader writer speaks of what is right

A world defined by narrow minds where everything conforms
To opinions based on ignorance, self-centered fear and spite
A nation held in thrall to all this doggerel and these lies
I know you’ll always think you’re right with God and Middle England on your side

She reads of single mothers and their scrounging off the state
Left wing councils wasting millions, let’s just leave them to their fate
Asylum seekers coming here in search of streets of gold
Let’s send them back where they belong, even if they’re sick and old
No good idlers signing on and working cash in hand
Destroy the black economy, let’s practice zero tolerance
The world you see is rational, you get what you deserve
Let’s praise the rich and powerful and save our hatred for the feckless poor

Focus groups and think tanks and the blinded and the bland
The bull-barred middle classes drive triumphant up and down this land
Politics dictated by the don’t knows and don’t cares
Ignorance is now a virtue, the guiding principle of our affairs
Track Name: Welcome to the Hatred Zone
Welcome to the Hatred Zone
News of human misery
Flickers on your T.V. screen
The endless stream of refugees
Registers your sympathy
Someone, somewhere, suffering
Somehow something must be done
But you will never give them sanctuary

Welcome to the hatred zone
An attitude to call our own
Come on down and sell your soul
Bigotry – the new rock and roll
With xenophobes and misanthropes
The racists and the monoglots
Let’s all hold on to what we’ve got
And slam all the open doors shut

Fevered minds write shock headlines
To sour the milk of human kind
Pictures tell of thousands dead
While the papers say we’re under threat
These pillars of society
Protectors of morality
Won’t recognise their own hypocrisy

Thousand years of history
And what it means to you and me
Let’s congregate and celebrate
The glories of our nation state
We boast of our sincerity
A beacon of integrity
What ever happened to fair play?
Track Name: Barfly

Every night he sits alone
In a shabby down-town bar
He watches people come and go
And never says a word
Every night he drinks as if
Today will be his last
The only time his world looks good
Is through an empty glass

He sits and listens as the beer-guts
Talk about their lived
They’d rather piss their money away
Than spend time with their wives
Impotent and powerless
They all bemoan their fate
Thirty years of marriage
And it ends in mutual hate

He watches all the likely lads
Who come up from the sticks
Every Friday night they come
And drink until they’re sick
They only like the things they know
They don’t want nothing new
Small-town boys with small-town minds
They haven’t got a clue

At closing-time the streets are filled
With all the rival gangs
They square up for the usual fight
As police arrive in vans
He doesn’t even look back
As he sets off through the rain
Today has been no different
And tomorrow will be the same