Under Heavy Manners​/​In Your God's Name Demo

by Slow Faction

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From Faster & Louder Blog:

Unfinished Business: Slow Faction

2015 was another fantastic year for punk rock, garage, and power pop music. And I only covered a small fraction of it! I'm deeply embarrassed that I missed so many amazing releases last year. So my first order of business for 2016 is to try and catch up on a lot of stuff I should have reviewed in 2015. First up is London's Slow Faction - true heirs to The Clash in both a musical and lyrical sense. Having already released an album and an EP in 2014, Slow Faction followed up with an outstanding two-song demo this past May. The songs are titled "Under Heavy Manners" and "In God's Name", and the sound is classic '77 style U.K. punk. Think anthemic & hook-laden punk rock with a powerful political message. That, my friends, is my kind of music! After hearing Slow Faction, you will surely be wondering why I haven't been all over this band for the past two years. I wish I had a good answer for that! Enjoy


released May 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Slow Faction London, UK

“Slow Faction is a 1st generation-influenced punk band with a real London 77 sound. The aim of Slow Faction is simple – to make the music they want to hear; politically-charged songs with big hooks and choruses, reminiscent of the 1st wave of British punk. Slow Faction’s live sound has been described as a cross between The Clash and The Buzzcocks.” ... more

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Track Name: Under Heavy Manners Demo
Under Heavy Manners

They’re closing down the clubs, they’re closing down the city
As they build another shopping mall
They’ll keep us dumb with the muzak on
As we buy stupid things we don’t need

Reality show make us famous for a day
Become a D-list celebrity
The emptiness of our hopes and dreams
Is this all we ever want to be?

And we all sit at home and pray to the West
To our false God, Democracy
They pretend our opinions really count
We pretend that we’re really free
Now it’s time to turn the television on
As darkness falls we won’t go out again

There’s a media blackout on the voices of dissent
As they lead us to another war
There’s a bogey-man bearing arms from the West
They deny that it’s all about oil

There is a real war, but it’s not the one we think,
It’s the one waged by the rich upon the poor
With insatiable greed they’ve taken everything
And now they’re coming back for more

They’re wiring every town and they’re wiring every street
So they can monitor us everywhere we go
With CCTV and satellite spies
We know we can never be alone

MI5 are being tasked to listen in
As they erode our civil liberties
But what do we care if we’ve lost our rights
As long as the television’s on…

We’ll never take the streets again
- Wake up look around we’re under heavy manner
- There’s a water cannon waiting and it’s paid for by our taxes
- Let’s tear it all down that’s the only solution
- They call this freedom but it doesn’t apply to us!
Track Name: In Your God's Name Demo
In Your God’s Name

So you hate your life
You said you never had love
Always being pushed from one place to another
Because the one who bore you couldn’t be a proper mother

So you found a home
In what they said was God’s word
And they taught you how to hate, quoting their bibles
It all made sense, life was so simple…

Now, as God’s warrior
Take your vengeance out on everyone that you don’t like
So now, kill the apostates
These non-believers, they’re responsible for everything
So now, the time has come, to do His work, send them to hell!

In your God’s name
- You shoot and you kill and you brutalise now
- You bomb and you maim and you terrorise now
- You hate, you defile, you de-humanise now
When will you understand, you weren’t given life so that you could go and kill….

So you hate the world
You feel so alone
But a hidden voice gives you words of comfort
You’re not an outside, there are so many others

So now, fight your Holy Wars
A life that had no meaning, is now a life of purpose
And kill all infidels
These ancient teachings twisted to justify inhumanity
So now, the time has come, to do His work, send them to hell!

So you saved the world
At least in your own mind
You used to be known as the friend of dictators
The wind has changed, you’re the scourge of all tyrants

Now, unleash the dogs of war
Watch as millions die as the world explodes in sectarian violence
And pray with presidents
Cover up your war crimes, with your piety
So now, are you satisfied, your work is done and you’re going to Hell!